Key Series EP-T18NC

Will The Earbuds Turn off Automatically after Been Put into The Charger Case?
Yes, it will. Also T18NC turns on automatically when you take it out.

How Big The Ear-tips Are?
There are 3 pairs of different sizes ear tips in the package. You are be able to find one for yourself.

Can I Use Only 1 Earbud at A Time? Or Must Use Both?
Yes, you can use any 1 earbuds or both earbuds at a time.

Does It Support for Bluetooth aptx?
No, T18NC doesn't support aptx.

Can I Change Tracks, Volume, Call Pick up And End without Touching My Phone?
Yes, you can. T18NC is touch controlled for all functions. You can check its operation in user

Are These Compatible with iPad, iPhone And Android Devices?
Yes, T18NC can compatible with the iPad, iPhone and Android devices with Bluetooth.


Key Series EP-T10

How Are EP-T10 Paired With My Phone?
To pair them just take them out of the case and turn on Bluetooth on your phone. If there is a
connection problem, put earbuds back in the case and take them out again.

Do EP-T10 Have Independent Sound Control? Or Does The Volume Adjustment Correlate with The Paired Devices Sound Control?
Yes. To increase volume: Long-touch the multi-function button on the right earbud.
To decrease volume: Long-touch the multi-function button on the left earbud.

Can I Use EP-T10 One Ear-tip at A Time Or Connect With 2 Different Devices at The Same Time?
You can only do 1 device at a time. If you want to connect to a separate one, you have to drop
your current one.

Can These Work with Bluetooth Lower Than 5.0?
Yes, EP-T10 earbuds can work with Bluetooth lower than 5.0.

Can I Swim with EP-T10?
No, we suggest you don't do that. They are IPX5 waterproof. So we also don't recommend you
use it while taking a shower or walking in heavy rain.

Can The Volume Be Adjusted from The Earbuds? How Do I Change The Track?
The left and right earbuds are touch sensitive. Long press to change the volume (left earbud to
decrease, right earbud to increase) and short press to change the track (left to go back, right to
go forward).

Can EP-T10 Compatible with iPad, iPhone And Android Devices?
Yes, EP-T10 can compatible with the iPad, iPhone and Android devices with Bluetooth.

Is It Possible to Listen Using Only The Left Earbud?
You can use the right earbud independently, or both together at the same time. The left earbud
can't be used independently.


Key Series EP-N33

Do EP-N33 Headphones Support AAC Codec?
Yes, it supports AAC codec.

Will The Mic of EP-N33 Earbuds Work with A PS4 For Voice Chat?
Yes, any mic with a 3.5 mm audio jack can connect to a PS4 controller.

What Are The 3 eq Modes?
They are balanced, treble, and bass.

Do EP-N33 Headphones Have Noise Cancelling Feature?
Yes, it can be. Noise cancelling is one of the main great features of these headphones. They will
eliminate most of low-frequency noise for you.

What Types of Bluetooth Audio Codecs Are Supported?
ACC and SBC are both supported on EP-N33 headphones.

Are These Earbuds Magnetic?
Yes, they are magnetic and you can easily snap them together for more convenience.

Do These Earbuds Support aptX Low Latency?
Yes, EP-N33 earbuds support aptX Low Latency.

How Far Can I Take The Headphones Away from My Phone And Keep Them Connected?
It can work fine within 33 feet.

Do These Neckband Headphones Have Fast Charging?
Yes, it is USB-C Fast Charging. You can get them fully charged in about 1 hr. The playtime is up to
8 hours


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